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News 02.19.2020

Why a Clean Workplace Is Good For Running a Successful Business

When it comes to responsibilities as a business owner, keeping your workspace clean is not at the top of your priorities list. What with hiring, accounting, marketing, operations and everything in between, making sure your office halls are vacuumed regularly are probably not on the agenda. But did you know that a workplace’s environment influences employee’s productivity, performance, not to mention well-being and health?

Moreover, there are your clients, vendors and potential new hires to think about too. Cleanliness goes a long way with first impressions. At Coastal Building Maintenance (CBM), our janitorial technicians and cleaning experts know the importance of a clean workspace.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

First impressions, professionalism, elevating your company’s name and brand– however, you want to put it– a clean workspace speaks volume. It’s kind of like body language for your workspace; cleanliness can help you communicate without ever saying a word! With polished floors, shiny kitchen counters, dust-free blinds, a deodorized fragrance in the air, and a trash-free environment, your space is holding a giant welcome sign to whoever enters.

A clean workspace delivers the impression of trust, confidence, attention to detail and professionalism. Exactly the first impression you want to deliver. A cluttered and messy one delivers the exact opposite message and may affect the way a client sees your brand. If you can’t keep up with good housekeeping, how can you keep up with the client’s needs?

Keeping Employees Safe And Happy

With busier workloads, more responsibilities and shorter deadlines, you need to do everything you can to keep employees happy. A clean workspace can boost morale in ways you’ve never imagined, keeping your teams alert and focused, motivated, efficient and collaborative. Employees spend (at the very least!) eight hours a day at work. Using clean restrooms, having lunch in a sanitized kitchen, sitting on a smudge-free conference table and so on makes all the difference in how they feel and how they see and portray themselves at work.

When people work in a messy environment, they can put themselves in danger which can lead to accidents at work and costing you, the business owner, a pretty penny in worker’s compensation claims. Take, for example, dirty floors in the kitchen that can make them slippery. Or piled boxes in the hallways that can cause someone to trip and get injured. How about dust in the air? That can result in allergies and absenteeism.

Breathing Cleaner Air And Ensuring Health

Did you know airborne pollutants in an indoor environment can be 100 times greater than outside? With routine cleaning services, CBM can ensure proper air quality at your workplace. Removing dust, sanitizing flat surfaces, carpet care, and other building maintenance services make for a healthier environment. Common areas can be filled with allergens such as dust mites, pollen and even mold triggering headaches, dizziness, difficulty breathing due to mold, eye irritation, coughing, and even catching a cold, or worse…the flu. There can be over 20,000 germs per square inch in areas such as the office break room.

An unhygienic place of work is really bad for business. Contact CBM today so we can focus on cleaning, while you run your successful business. Our cleaning and janitorial services include everything from general maintenance and window cleaning to recycling services and upholstery cleaning. Call us today at 1.800.357.7790 for a personalized consultation.